Get The Power Of The Network

What Is Network Power?

Network Power with BESN combines a highly efficient supplier network, sales team, inventory and eCommerce software to enable opportunities to influence sales and sales growth. Network Power helps to leverage collective forces, creates common denominators for communication, and puts the Network to work for the mutual benefit of the members. It is a selling group as much as it is a global buying group.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” at BESN. How? The power of our leadership team with a combined 2,000 brands, over two million SKUs,, three warehouses, same-day shipping and an always-improving eCommerce software radically changes what independent industrial distributors can do in their respective markets. This is “Network Power.”

BESN technology and relationships enable our members to focus 100% on customers and sales growth.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

BESN Is The Ultimate Partner Network

“BESN is the ultimate partner network for integrated industrial distribution technology: eCommerce, inventory, vending, logistics and technical support. You have to have all of it to succeed today.”

― John Beaudoin

“What we are doing feels new and it is new, but we know the business inside and out.From a management perspective, managing all the moving parts of the new Network has been challenging and exciting for our whole team. We work a lot of hours. But we benefit from our past experiences quite a bit.”

― Rich Stanisz